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Public Relations

Public relations is focused on maximising client coverage in the independent editorial media with the objectives of raising awareness, building the brand, and positively influencing target audience perceptions.

Our services include:

The Communication Cycle

The communication cycle involves developing clearly defined key messages to be communicated using the most appropriate vehicles in each case.

Message consistency and synergy is sought across the target audiences;

Operational Communication

This involves implementing media plans that support communication strategy. Communication vehicles - determined by amongst others, relative news value - include:

We ensure timeous and focused distribution of media communications to journalists and news desks nationally, ensuring that the right journalist receives the right communication on time.

Our expertise covers the entire media spectrum to include:

Crisis Communication

While crisis communications are best handled on a proactive basis (when problems are predictable), this is not always possible, requiring a damage control policy to effectively minimise negative publicity resulting in harm to reputation and brand.

We have significant experience in handling crisis communications and are able to quickly deploy tested communication models.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Sometimes using the services of outside media tracking agencies, we monitor coverage achieved as a result of implemented communication plans. Coverage can be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively.