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Issues and Reputation Management

Finance Media's issues management capabilities enable a clear understanding of all the issues that could affect business, brand and stakeholders. Our Headlines service informs clients timeously of breaking news that helps ensure that reputation management is dealt with proactively as part of strategic management.

Delivered by email, Headlines provides a summary of media coverage that is pertinent to each of our client's businesses. It is intended to ensure that no one is caught off guard by changing developments, and that decisions that have a bearing on hard-won reputation are fully informed and thoroughly considered.

Headlines Email

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Today's public affairs professionals work in a complex environment, overseeing costly programmes that communicate with a diverse range of audiences. Proper issues management is key to the effectiveness of these programmes.

In Africa, our issues management capabilities span the following countries: Botswana; Democratic Republic of Congo; Ghana; Kenya; Kingdom of eSwatini; Lesotho; Malawi; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Nigeria; Rwanda; South Africa, South Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; Zimbabwe.

Where South Africa is concerned, specific issues management services cover finance and financial services, banking, asset management, short-term insurance, healthcare and medical aid, government and regulation, and the economy. We also cover the political arena and provide tailor-made issues management services for clients requiring bespoke solutions.